Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Decorations

Since 2012, I have used Pinterest as my guide in Holiday Decor. The "Holiday & Events" category is heavenly around Christmastime. My family usually starts decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving. Since my brother and sister are either working or away at college, I have been in charge of decorating...which I'm not too sad about!
I'll begin with my own room. I have seen many YouTubers, such as Bethany Mota aka Macbarbie07, decorate their rooms for the holidays and goodness! They go all out! Their rooms are so nicely decorated down to the details! My room is pretty small, with minimal amounts of furniture. So I decided to only decorate my dresser.
The pink tree and polka dot present were from a figurine set as a gift I got about 2 years ago. It came with little penguins and it seemed very childish, so I threw out the rest and kept those. I don't remember where that snowglobe came from...possibly Hallmark.
The red jewelry box was from my birthday last year. I thought it looked cute on top of my Fossil watch box I received last Christmas. Throughout December, these decorations have been moved all around my dresser; from different corners to being spread out. But I ultimately decided on keeping them in the middle. I almost forgot the Tinsel Tree! I added that this year when I went to the Dollar Store to get some Christmas decorations. I got a small Styrofoam cone and some tinsel. I simply wrapped the tinsel around the cone, gluing the bottom of the tinsel to the cone and gluing the top.
This is the view from the top of the stairs. The garland and the bows are from the Dollar Store years ago. I had some difficulty trying to figure out a good way to hang the garland on the stairs (I just used tape and some floral wire, but the tape ended up chipping the paint). I decided to hang it instead of wrap it in order to show the poinsettias more. Please excuse the messy game room...
I'm not sure where this angel banner thing is from.
These stair decorations were new this year and such a fun project to work on! The original idea came from this post and this picture; both thanks to wonderful Pinterest! The garland and the picks are both from Target. The ribbon is from Hobby Lobby. I placed 3 spindles in between each swag.
They look amazing in the day time!
Onto the Christmas village! My personal favorite and the first decoration I put up! I'm pretty sure most of the village houses are from the Dollar Store that we've had forever. The street lights are from Michael's last year.
This beautiful shop is Lemax from Michael's last year. I absolutely love it. It looks even better when it is lit up.
The tree was from an antique store in Louisiana for a $1! It was great.
This painting was from a boutique store somewhere in Texas. It has LED lights that looks like snow and at night it looks so pretty.

This is the mantle of the fireplace in our living room. This is also fun to decorate and full of festive decor! The painting is from Kirklands we got this year. During the rest of the year, we have a different painting that hangs on hooks. In order to cover up those hooks, we took some extra garland and picks from Hobby Lobby and concealed the hooks. I think it also adds a nice touch to the painting!

The MERRY was a DIY project from last year and was inspired by this post. We hung them by placing the ribbon underneath stocking holders.
This "Believe" ornament sign is from Hobby Lobby.
These candle holders were from the clearance section of Hobby Lobby. When they're lit, it adds a glow to the painting.

The tablecloth on the center table is from the Dollar Store and the candles are from Macy's.
The dining room chandelier needed some Christmas spice! I wrapped some Dollar Store garland (my family loves Dollar Store Christmas decorations if you didn't notice..) around the base and used some floral wire to attach ornaments. The picks are the same ones on the swag, I just cut them up and placed them in the garland.
That's it for my Christmas decorations for 2013! 

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